Judgment Free Dentistry in Salem NH

According to research, anywhere between 50% and 80% of adults in the United States have some degree of dental anxiety, ranging from mild to severe. More than 20% of these patients with dental anxiety do not see a dentist regularly, and anywhere from 9 to 15% of anxious patients avoid care altogether. 

While some people fear going to the dentist because of the pain associated with dental procedures, many avoid seeing a dentist out of a fear of being judged due to their poor oral health. In their minds, they expect to receive ridicule and judgment from a dentist because they don’t brush or floss as much as needed or have a few cavities or gums that bleed. 

If you’re one of the many people that avoid going to the dentist out of anxiety, embarrassment, or fear of being judged, our friendly and experienced dentists at Honest Care Dental are here to provide you with the dental care you need. No judgment. No Shame. No Anxiety. 

Common Reasons Why Some People Feel Anxious or Nervous About Visiting the Dentist 

There are so many reasons why many people avoid going to the dentist, such as: 

  • Past negative dental experiences at dental practices
  • Haven’t visited the dentist in a while 
  • Fear of judgment based on the state of their teeth or gums 
  • Anxiety about having dental work done 
  • Fear of needing costly procedures 
  • Not having a dentist they trust 

No matter what reason is preventing you from seeking dental care we can help. 

Bad Teeth Shouldn’t Keep You from the Dentist 

Like any other health professional, your dentist and dental hygienist are only concerned with helping you have the best oral and overall health. They see dental problems as a problem they can help you solve. At Honest Care Dental there is no judgment. We are only interested in finding the best way to help you get the beautiful smile you want.  

Even if you haven’t been to a dental office in a long time the good news is that it’s never too late to go to the dentist. Whether your last appointment was 3, 5, or even 10 years ago we are happy to help. Even if your last visit to a dentist’s office was full of traumatic experiences Honest Care Dental can help you experience what the term compassionate care truly means. 

Beyond the concern and empathy we show every dental patient, advancements in dental technology provide new, less invasive options to correct or cure dental problems. Sedation dentistry and new techniques in pain management have helped many anxious patients. 

Our team at Honest Care Dental is here to help, not to make you feel self-conscious about the current state of your oral health. 

How to Find a Non-Judgmental Dentist 

You can ask your friends and family if they like their dentist and ask them to refer you or read through your prospective dentist’s Google reviews to see what their patients say about them. No matter how you find your new dentist the first step is to call and schedule a dental appointment for a checkup and cleaning. 

When you visit the office the first thing we will do is talk about your dental needs to get an understanding of what you expect and your concerns. Dr. Mcmillan takes the time to get an accurate assessment of your oral health, discuss what he finds and go over dental treatment options. We also do our best to address any specific anxieties you may have.

Judgment-Free Dentist in Salem, NH 

There is no need to harbor a fear of the dentist. At Honest Care Dental, we’re committed to ensuring you have a positive dental experience at our practice. Dr. McMillan focuses on open communication with new patients to make sure they are comfortable during their treatment and have a chance to voice any concerns. We are prepared to walk you through your worries, anxiety, and concerns to get you the care you deserve. We also have an in-office dental membership plan, Care Club, to help mitigate costly dental treatments. We do everything we can to make your experience at Honest Care Dental better than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

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