Cavity Fillings

Cavity Fillings in Salem, NH

No one expects to get a cavity, but it can happen to us. Even when you practice good oral hygiene habits at home, tooth decay can develop in people young and old. Having your teeth examined at the dentist twice a year is essential to maintaining good oral health. Here’s what you should know about getting cavities filled at Honest Care Dental in Salem, NH.

tooth fillings in salem, NH

What are Tooth Fillings?

Cavities are holes that develop on your teeth. They occur when bacteria is left behind after eating or from poor oral hygiene habits produce acids that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Unfortunately, when a cavity forms, your tooth cannot heal on its own. They will only get bigger and lead to needing more complicated dental procedures, such as crowns or root canal therapy. A tooth filling is necessary for stopping the progression of decay and restoring your oral health.

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Cavity Treatment Process

Getting a cavity filled is a standard dental procedure that is fast and painless. If you have to have a cavity filled, here’s what you can expect during the treatment process:

  • Dr. McMillan will numb the area around your tooth with a local anesthetic.
  • Next, he’ll remove the decay from the inside of the tooth.
  • He’ll then fill the remaining hole with a tooth-colored composite filling.
  • Lastly, he’ll use a special light to harden the filling material.

Is Getting a Cavity Painful?

Cavities can cause sensitivity for some patients and even become painful if they’re particularly deep or affect the tooth’s nerve. While this is true, having a cavity filled should be completely painless. Once the cavity is filled, any discomfort should be alleviated.

How Long Does Getting a Cavity Filled Take?

The length of your appointment to get a cavity filled will depend on the condition of your mouth. Tiny cavities can be filled in just ten minutes. On the other hand, cavities that are large, difficult to reach, or multiple cavities can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to treat.

Cavity Aftercare

Once your cavity has been filled, you can treat and care for your tooth normally. It’s essential to practice good oral health habits to prevent more cavities from developing and to keep your filling in good condition, including: 

  • Brushing your teeth two times a day.
  • Flossing daily.
  • Limiting your consumption of foods that are hard to clean from the crevices of your teeth.
  • Visiting the dentist every six months for routine exams and professional cleanings.

Dental Filling Cost

Most dental insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of restorative dental treatments, including composite dental fillings. Please contact our office to learn more about what your dental insurance covers.

Honest Care Dental: The Best Choice for Cavity Fillings

You deserve to have a healthy, beautiful smile for life. At Honest Care Dental, Dr. McMillan and his experienced team are eager to show you how convenient caring for your smile can be. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a routine dental exam and cleaning, now’s the perfect time to prioritize your oral health. Whether you need to have a cavity filled or could benefit from another dental treatment, we look forward to exceeding your expectations with our state-of-the-art materials, progressive techniques, and friendly service. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment. We can’t wait to give you a reason to smile!

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